Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1555. The bolt was cut to make a puzzle, the idea is to remove the ring, which is accomplished by unscrewing the nut. If you hold the head of the bolt and try to unscrew it, the cut in the bolt will cause the threads to misalign and the nut will be locked in place. To remove it you must hold the bolt by the small end and then it's possible to unscrew the nut and solve the puzzle. I bought this on the web, but this pdf document shows how to make your own.

1556. A combination tool, it can be used as a pipe wrench, screw driver, S-wrench, carpenter's brace, bench vise, and glass cutter, patent number 674,735:

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A similar tool with the handle attached:

1557. An Indian head test pattern for testing cameras and black and white TV's, an interesting collection of other test patterns can be seen here.

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1558. A self-cleaning rake, as you pull the rake the swinging teeth are meshed into the fixed teeth, when the pull is completed and the rake is lifted the swinging teeth fall away and anything caught on the fixed teeth is dislodged and falls off, patent number 349,703.

From O'neal Lee's collection

1559. The most popular answer for this tool is that it's a seam clincher for metal roofs, though some think it's a sheet metal seam closer but not for roofs, I haven't yet been able to find one like it on the web.

1560. A machinist's jack, used to level large work pieces before drilling, planing, or milling:

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